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With online ordering, I do custom sizes only for skirts and pants (capris and shorts included). The woman's body varies greatly, especially in the upper part. And each of us has a very specific idea of what suits or doesn't suit us and what type of neckline etc. we feel or don't feel good at. That's why I don't do customizing of the upper body clothes online. I think, in many cases, it's quite necessary for the lady to try on the piece and see if she feels comfortable in it. However, if you have the opportunity to come to Brno or see me somewhere else at a dance festival, I'll be happy to meet you and work with you in person.


For tops, there are usually 3 general sizes (for some models only 2): 



How to measure:

1) Underbust (= around your chest, right below the breast)

2) Waist (= around your natural waist, i.e. the most narrow part of your belly)