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Links backup

On this page, I'd like to share links to the dance studios I love and I've spent part of my life in, as well as other interesting things somehow connected to my dance world and also links to events and dance studios of my happy customers.


My second home and very likely the best place on Earth, located in my hometown - Brno, in the Czech Republic. 


Dance holidays in Croatia and Zouktime Festivals in Brno - magical events organized by Luděk & Pavla, two of the most warm-hearted people I know. Both are awesome dancers and teachers and have dedicated their lives to the world of dance. They do everything with LOVE. The atmosphere at all their events as well as in their dance school Stolárna speaks for itself.

Prague Zouk Marathon

One of the best events to just dance and enjoy my favorite dance Zouk and immerse fully in the flow.

Zouk Family Meeting

A weekend-long Zouk event with friendly and relaxed atmosphere that takes place twice a year in Dresden.

Design by Shaari

A lovely friend, belly dancer and amazing costume maker Shaari. I completely admire her imagination, patience and unique taste for combining, decorating and making things shiny and pretty.

Dreams Come True

A wonderful belly dance show I had the chance to participate in. This project came to life thanks to my friend and an amazing dancer Kathreen Derouet.

Anais Belly Dance

Jacksonville, Florida and Anais Dance Studio - this is where I fell in love with belly dance and met great friends that will always be in my ♥

Munique Neith Dance School

I spent almost a year in Barcelona and had the opportunity to attend classes in this huge and dynamic belly dance studio.

Underground Oriental Dance Studio

Another lovely Barcelona dance studio with very cozy and friendly atmosphere.

Absolute Dance Studio

Jacksonville dance studio that witnessed my very first, shy dance steps.